Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Emily Williamson of Williamson Literary

Emily Williamson is a literary agent and founder of Williamson Literary,

Emily represents a variety of projects in nonfiction and fiction, working with major publishers, university presses, and boutique imprints alike to find the perfect home for her clients’ work. She began her editing career in 2011 with Chrysalis Editorial* in Washington, D.C. and founded Williamson Literary in 2016, driven by the desire to help great writers achieve their publishing goals. She has earned degrees from American University (1997) and Johns Hopkins University (2012).

In adult fiction, her agency seeks:  upmarket, contemporary, literary, and commercial; character-driven women’s fiction, book club fiction, domestic suspense, adventure, international, upbeat, feel-good, dark and dangerous, fiction with fantastical elements or magical realism, poignant social commentaries, humor, satire, new takes on old tropes. Send us writing that sings rather than tells, take us on an emotional journey, build vivid scenes for us, craft strong voices and unusual and unforgettable settings (we love stories where place is a character too). Any subject is welcome.

In nonfiction, her agency seeks: history, sports, science, environmental, biographies, travel, culture, adventure, educational, motivational (i.e. work that informs or inspires social change or advocates for women and BIPOC). Give thought to your author platform and develop a strong marketing section for your book proposal.

As a writer, she understands the investment of time and heart it takes to follow this challenging path. It is the core of Williamson Literary—to support the careers of dedicated writers who deserve to see their ideas and imaginings realized. Williamson Literary is also about building relationships: agent-author, agent-publisher, author-publisher.

In the past, Emily spent 13 years as an archaeologist traveling all over the US and abroad in search of many things…sometimes finding nothing. It is this varied, nomadic past that has influenced her own writing and her particular interests as an agent. Emily does other things. She is a poet, a painter, loves the outdoors, traveling, playing with her nutty Border Collie, doing CrossFit, and watching football…not all at once. She is a native of New Jersey, cuts her own firewood, and is one of those annoying people who can’t eat gluten.

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