Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Margaret Danko of High Line Literary Collective

Margaret Danko is a literary agent with High Line Literary Collective.

Margaret is actively looking for attention-grabbing voices especially historical fiction with a dash of magical realism, literary and upmarket suspense or horror, narratives with a deep sense of place and history, quirky and heartwarming family stories, and women’s fiction and rom-coms full of charm and whimsy.

She is also accepting nonfiction in the areas of humor, lifestyle, new age and general spirituality, popular science especially in environmental and human sciences, mental health/wellness, politics and true crime that challenge established conventions, and select cooking projects with an emphasis on new takes on tradition, especially within the Latine diaspora.

Margaret holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Temple University, where she studied under best-selling authors of fiction and nonfiction, and received her Bachelor’s in Creative Writing, Archaeology and Anthropology from Oberlin College. She began her career as the Editor & Managing Editor of Temple University’s literary publication, TINGE Magazine, and worked as an author coach, developmental editor, and agency administrator before joining the Paper Over Board team full-time.

Margaret is passionate about empowering authors to find the voice and the story that will engage and inspire each and every person who picks up their book and seeks projects in both fiction and nonfiction that encourage readers to view themselves and the world around them in a new light. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and two cats, working fastidiously in her free time to keep her plants alive and her cupboards full of tea.
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