Get to Know an Editor in Attendance: Sean deLone of Simon & Schuster

Sean deLone is an associate editor with Atria Books, part of Simon & Schuster

Sean holds a B.A. in economics with high honors from Guilford College and is a graduate of the Columbia Publishing Course. In his time at Atria he has supported the publications of New York Times bestselling authors including Fredrik Backman, Isabel Allende, Thomas Keneally, and Janet Evanovich, among others. His authors include Jill Gutowitz (Girls Can Kiss Now, 2022), Marc Lamont Hill and Todd Brewster (Seen and Unseen, 2022), John Galligan (Bad Day Breaking, August, 2022), Nick Fuller Googins (The Great Transition, 2023), and Scott Howard-Cooper (Kingdom on Fire, 2024). He’s also worked on the bestselling novels This Tender Land and Lightning Strike by William Kent Krueger and Exposure by Robert Bilott, which is the true story behind the film Dark Waters starring Marc Ruffalo.

He is seeking:

Fiction Areas of Interest:

  • Literary Fiction
  • Upmarket Fiction
  • Mystery
  • Psychological Suspense,

Nonfiction Areas of Interest:

  • Narrative Nonfiction
  • Pop Culture
  • Sports
  • Film/TV
  • Music
  • Sociology/Current Events
  • History
  • Business/Economics
  • Politics/Current Affairs
  • True Crime
  • Humor.

Authors Include: Jill Gutowitz, John Galligan, Marc Lamont Hill, Todd Brewster, Nick Fuller Googins, Scott Howard-Cooper.

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