Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Zoe Bodzas of McIntosh & Otis

Zoe Bodzas is a literary agent with McIntosh & Otis, Inc.

She is seeking:

For fiction, interested in dark comedy, dry humor, coming of age, campy/pulpy sensibility, strong and uncommon settings, dysfunctional family sagas, offbeat coming-of-age, graphic novels, friend groups, ghosts, outcasts and underdogs, books that feel like new Netflix romcoms, stories with unconventional structures/forms, novels by poets, #OwnVoices projects.

For nonfiction, interested in the Internet, gender, travel, design, forgotten histories, subcultures, mental health, pop culture, climate, family.

In general, looking to champion books that bend the rules, raise voices that are often overlooked, and offer readers something unusually funny, beautiful, or surreal.

No young adult, please.