Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Sarah Yake of Frances Collin Literary

Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 1.44.39 PMSarah Yake is a literary agent with Frances Collin Literary.

Sarah has been with the agency since 2005 and handles foreign and sub-rights as well as her own client list. She has been a sales rep for a major publisher and a bookstore manager. She currently teaches in the Rosemont College Graduate Publishing Program and holds an MA in English Literature.

Sarah is seeking: literary and commercial fiction and is especially interested in work where the arts intersect. She loves books about women, solitude, wilderness, and any combination(s) thereof and would love to see more work that incorporates the visual arts and prose by authors who are also poets.

The agency represents the Estates of John Williams (STONER, BUTCHER’S CROSSING, AUGUSTUS), Vonda N. McIntyre (DREAMSNAKE, THE MOON AND THE SUN, THE EXILE WAITING) and Esther Forbes (JOHNNY TREMAIN), among others.

Fran Collin is the Trustee for the Estate of Rachel Carson (SILENT SPRING, THE SENSE OF WONDER, THE SEA AROUND US, THE EDGE OF THE SEA and UNDER THE SEA-WIND).

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