Get to Know an Agent and Editor in Attendance: Nadia Cornier of Firebrand Literary and Firebrand Publishing

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 12.24.39 PMNadia Cornier is a literary agent and the founder of Firebrand Literary, and is also taking pitches on behalf of Firebrand Publishing. Although she is closed to unsolicited pitches in general, she is happy to take pitches from attendees at the 2018 Philadelphia workshop.

In 2005, Nadia Cornier started Firebrand Literary a children’s literary agency and book packager. After several years away from agenting, she returned to not only agent, but also start a new publishing imprint – under the same name – developing and packaging nonfiction titles that could be sold directly to readers and publishers. She enjoys working with experts in the field to develop exciting new marketing methods that speak directly to readers. She currently runs Firebrand Literary, with co-agent Cristi Marchetti (Fulbright scholar and all around awesome person) and lives in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania with her four kids, two cats and one chocolate lab.

“As an agency, we are looking for amazing women’s fiction (Cristi), romance (Nadia & Cristi) and middle grade fiction. Nadia really loves historical romance with witty banter and swoon-worthy heroes. Cristi likes smart, sassy characters and a tightly woven plot.”

For Firebrand Publishing, Nadia looking for amazing nonfiction and is open to considering middle grade series (although that would be new for the imprint). Nonfiction interests: Christian, cooking, health & fitness, relationships, business (especially online business), software design-related texts, and anything to do with homesteading. The imprint pays a small advance and excellent royalties.


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